Serpe Andrews is one of the premier medical malpractice firms in Texas and New Mexico. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing Fortune 500 health care corporations, multi-hospital systems, urban and rural hospitals, surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, nurses, physicians, physician groups, and various other health care providers in Texas, New Mexico, Missouri, and Colorado.

Our attorneys specialize in providing an aggressive defense to medical malpractice cases involving catastrophic injuries, such as anoxic brain injuries during child birth and neurological injuries to adults and children. From our long and distinguished history of defending medical malpractice cases, we understand that patients do not present to their health care providers in the most optimal conditions, and we recognize that, in the vast majority of cases, health care providers provide the best possible care given the circumstances. Our attorneys are experts at effectively explaining these concepts, as well as scientific medical principles, to the jury. Our trial attorneys have successfully obtained defense verdicts in several medical malpractice cases.