Defense Verdict In Wrongful Death Case

Serpe Andrews successfully defended Cleveland Regional Medical Center (“CRMC”) at trial in a wrongful death case. Plaintiff’s husband suffered an arrest in his hospital bed on the medical/surgical floor several hours after total knee replacement surgery. He was transferred to the Texas Medical Center where he later died. Plaintiff alleged that her husband suffered a respiratory arrest caused by the administration of morphine that was given three hours prior to the arrest, and that the CRMC nurse assigned to care for her husband failed to properly monitor him after administering the drug. Plaintiff also alleged that CRMC negligently hired or retained the nurse because of his past history of addiction to morphine. The Serpe Andrews trial team of Randall Jones and Bill Wilson successfully argued that Plaintiff’s husband died of a sudden cardiac arrest and that his death was not related to the administration of morphine. The Serpe Andrews trial team demonstrated that Plaintiff’s husband had many risk factors for a sudden cardiac arrest that were discovered upon autopsy, including severe blockage of three arteries of the heart as well as a significantly enlarged heart. Jones and Wilson successfully kept the nurse’s past drug abuse history out of evidence. The jury returned its verdict for the defense thirty minutes after retiring for deliberations.

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