Defense Verdict In Drug Reaction Case

Serpe Andrews successfully defended Carlsbad Medical Center (“CMC”), headquartered in Carlsbad, New Mexico, at trial in a case involving an adverse reaction to Dilaudid, a narcotic. Plaintiff broke her ankle and was administered several milligrams of Dilaudid for pain relief. After the final administration of the drug, she stopped breathing, and a code was called. She was successfully resuscitated, but thereafter claimed that the code caused or contributed to permanent injuries. She claimed that the CMC staff administered an overdose of the drug and failed to properly monitor her after its administration.

The Serpe Andrews trial team of Randall Jones and Bill Wilson tried the case in the Fifth Judicial District Court of Lea County, New Mexico. They successfully argued that Plaintiff was not given an overdose and that the Hospital staff properly monitored her condition. The jury returned its verdict for the defense thirty minutes after retiring for deliberations.

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