We recognize that a lawsuit is not an intended part of any successful business plan. However, we also recognize that circumstances occasionally demand litigation. At Serpe Andrews, we pride ourselves in developing a cost-effective litigation plan designed to achieve our clients’ goals.

Serpe Andrews represents many different businesses in a broad range of commercial disputes. Whether the case involves complex issues surrounding intellectual property rights or the case is a basic collection matter, our attorneys provide aggressive and skilled representation. In our opinion, a firm cannot provide an effective representation without a full understanding of the facts, our attorneys are diligent in investigating and learning all facets of the dispute, including the industry standards or technology underlying the dispute.

From our years of experience in litigating commercial cases, we have gained expertise in all areas of commercial disputes, including disputes arising out of contracts, implied and express warranties, fiduciary duties, obligations related to the sale or purchase of goods or services, false or misleading representations, fraud, disparaging statements, covenants not to compete, and many other disputes. Our attorneys are well-versed in ancillary proceedings, such as temporary restraining orders and injunctions, replevin actions, and writs of sequestration.

In addition to ongoing litigation, our clients ask us to counsel them regarding their day-to-day business operations and the possible legal ramifications of policies, practices and business decisions.